Women's Ultimate Guide to Supplements

Advancement in science, medicine and tech has allowed us to get more precise information and targeted products, delivering better results. We’d think this would make decision-making more straightforward. No, it doesn’t. We’re now faced with a multitude of choices that leave us wondering, “Which one?”

Before you resign to thinking fewer choices would’ve been better, stop! This guide is just what the nutritionist ordered.

Whey Protein

Whey isn’t just for the body builders because it’s not meant to grow muscles as many think. It’s great for anyone who works out to keep your muscles healthy and aid them in healing after strenuous activities. Food like eggs, meat and other great sources of protein take time to digest.

Once whey enters your stomach, it releases amino acids for your muscle tissues via your bloodstream. Whey also contains peptides which encourage more blood flow to your muscles. This ensures your muscles get the nutrients required for exercise.


You can’t be lifting weights if your bones can’t take it, but your muscles need calcium, too, as it turns out. The mineral helps your muscles contract and relax. What this means is if your muscles don’t contract, you’d essentially be paralyzed. It also helps keep our heart pumping and our blood to clot.

Fish Oil

Our mothers and grandmothers were right all along. Fish oil does a lot of good. It prevents inflammation, usually resulting from diabetes, obesity, heart problems, and even depression. Fish oil increases your good cholesterol, regulates your blood pressure, and more. As a result, it improves your heart health.

It also feeds your mind and eyes with essential omega-3 to keep them in as great shape as your bod. Those omega-3s are also a must for pregnant and lactating women. Fish oil also prompts your body to burn fat, gives you naturally great skin, gives you strong bones, and fights depression as well as asthma and allergies. Need we say more?


Men take it mainly to improve muscle growth but that’s not what happens when women ingest it. Creatine gives you a boost of energy, which helps you exercise longer. Our body naturally produces it, usually a gram per day from the meat in our food but, the resulting energy is quickly depleted since it’s not stored.

The supplement creatine adds to the energy we currently have while speeding up our body’s recovery and burning fat. It does this by directing nutrients towards our muscles. That’s why you can take another one right after workout.

While we’ve diligently researched the information we’ve provided, keep in mind that this is a generic guide and it’s important to consult with your licensed physician before taking anything. Also, don’t rely solely on supplements for your health. They’re named that way because they’re only meant to add to your healthy diet, where most of your nutrition should be coming from so, continue to eat right.