What’s The Best Time For Exercise?

Exercising at different times affect your body in a variety of ways so each time period has its own set of benefits. We’ve compiled them for you so you can decide one that matches your needs.


If you want to burn the most fat, early in the day is the ideal time to get that workout done. Your hormones are set to boost your metabolism in those hours so you’ve got a biological edge with this time slot. Even 15 minutes of exercise would give you results!

Wondering how early you should start your warm-up? 7 AM is a good time. Having the first session is the trickiest but it should help you sleep earlier, making the following days easier to get up early. You’ll soon won’t need that alarm clock to wake you up.


Noontime is good for workouts when you want a longer period of exercise, which you’re more capable of, thanks to that meal. Physical activity also sends a rush of blood to your brain and muscles, perking you up and beating that afternoon slump. Higher body temperature also gives your body more flexibility and endurance.

That long to-do list won’t stand a chance against your energy surge. Look forward to killing it at your desk in the last half of the day.


Some studies report that the energy increase resulting from the workout would get in the way of your sleeping, forcing your body to stay up later. However, not all experts agree. Some say as long as you’re not expecting to sleep right after a session, then you’re fine. Be sure to schedule an extra hour or two of free time between your post-workout shower and bedtime.

Plus, research also shows that the body will adjust as long as you’re consistent with your schedule. While morning exercise helps raise metabolic levels and reduce cravings during the day, people are more able to have long and intense workouts at night. That means you can still lose as much fat as morning people do.

Some people don’t enjoy beginning their day so early and with strenuous labor. Others still find they’re spent at the end of the day so it’s not the best time for them to exercise. Try different schedules to best know what fits your energy levels and lifestyle. As you go through life changes, your workout time would change, too so stay open.