On the wrong road to achieving a healthy, slimmer body, there are several misconceptions regarding health, weight and losing either. These are some of the most popular that we should begin to dispel right now.

  1.      Carbs make you fat.

Not necessarily true because not all carbs affect the body the same way. Carbs from whole foods are healthy and actual may you feel fuller so you crave less. Those from refined sugar and white rice.

  1.      Supplements and weight loss pills work.

Only a handful do help but mildly. Some are even dangerous to your body because they’re unlicensed. Before trying any, speak to your doctor about it if they could be prescribed. That way, you won’t have to worry about any harmful effects.

  1.      Eating healthy is pricey.

Restaurant dishes commonly recognized as healthy might be but if you eat at home and replace some parts of your favorite meals with more nutritious ingredients, you’ll find it’s achievable. Instead of pairing your meat with mashed potato or white bread, replace that with brown rice or a salad.

  1.      Diets work.

No, they don’t. At least not for very long. In fact, those who do go on a diet are more likely to be overweight in the future, gaining back the pounds they lost in less than a year. Eating healthy and in small, frequent meals throughout the day is a better way to keep the weight off.

  1.      Snacking causes you to gain more weight.

It’s not so much how often you eat but what you eat. Instead of chips, try munching on lettuce, kale, carrot sticks and cucumber. Craving for something sweet? Bite into a fresh, ripe mango. Just the mango, no cream or syrup, though it doesn’t hurt to indulge from time to time.

  1.      Low fat foods are healthy.

Like your mother always said, check the label. A lot of healthy juices and foods have little to no nutritional value. They’re also usually high in sugar so make sure to know the contents before purchasing.

Losing weight is a long journey so it’s best practice to get a doctor or a nutritionist on board. They have the expertise to make sure you keep the weight off without sacrificing your health. You’ll get tailored recommendations that work for you and you’d enjoy your fit body longer.